Boxing is a competitive sport which is practiced since the Green era and even before the start of Olympic Games. The martial art form is learnt and practiced for taking participation in organized sports events where competitors have the chance of earning money via prize money. Boxing enables you to strike enemies and you don’t have to be an expert to throw a punch. But boxing is learn and practiced because it has set rules that instruct you more than striking. This is the reason why you should enroll with boxing training Dubai so you could learn it properly. The boxing centers employ professional instructors or boxers to impart training to trainees and you will be benefitted by their experience.

Now the advantages of learning boxing

  1. Improves overall health

Boxing requires you to participate in frequent bouts of high intensity activity during a boxing match or training session. The sport is a format of HIIT or high intensity interval training and can push endurance to limits so you can sustain intense fights that are relentless. This type of activity is related to decreasing the risk of heart diseases. it can also improve your overall aerobic fitness.

  • Helps in decreasing weight

Boxing training is known to decrease body fat and improve body fitness overall. It composes your body better than other sporting activity such as brisk walking. You can burn 390-558 calories if you are about 150-pounds or 65kg, in a 60 minute training session. The loss of fat will differ from bout to bout and intensity levels of the bouts. It will also depend on whether you are hitting a punching bag or sparring partner.

  • Improves whole body strength

Most of you think that boxing power comes from your shoulder and arms. Actually the activity fo throwing a punch is a combined effort of your body parts. It involves your legs, feet, hips and other lower limbs generating force from the ground to deliver it in a powerful blow. In a punching movement the core muscles and lower limbs play major part. This means improved muscle strength and body coordination.

  • Highly improved balance

Body balance is important element while undertaking activities. You must stand firm on the ground while executing your daily activities and losing your balance can be catastrophic. By learning boxing you improve overall balance of your body while walking, running, climbing and executing other activities.   Improved balance allows you to coordinate well, develop nifty footwork, developing reactive movements according to situations and increasing muscular strength.

  • Reduction of stress

Boxing is a good way of reducing stress. Increased physical activities such as running, walking, jogging, sprinting can reduce stress. Boxing acts in similar manner and it is used to treat Parkinson Syndrome, a progressive neurological condition that hampers the ability of performing complex body movements. The disease also increases the possibility of a person falling to the ground during activities. Boxing is a good exercise to defeat stress as you release pent up energy to lighten your mind and body.

Kickboxing classes in Dubai can be another option you may opt for because it is popular martial art form which involves the whole body in a bout of boxing. Kickboxing is a comprehensive form of defense and offence and most youth opt for them because of its popularity. You can also do so by joining Power 4 Fitness, Dubai and you can use the number +971 50 182 0898 to clarify your queries.