Physical fitness is very important for you if you want every limbs of your body to cooperate with you. A fit body is the sign of good health and energy, and you need both to survive. It has become highly necessary for you to be fit and active because life has become busy and you have to keep step with it.  In a world where fast action is required to survive and favorable environment to live a fitness program will be required to keep you up to the demands. With increased population crime rate has escalated and it has become apparent that you learn ways to protect yourself from anti-social elements that can intimidate you on the street and rob you off valuables when you let your guard go sometimes. Karate classes in Dubai are the best source to learn the art of self protection and also counter attack when things become murky.

Originated from Japan as a self defense martial art

This is especially applicable to girls and women who are as independent as men. There is an increased percentage of female population that go out to attend classes, offices and other places where they have taken employment. Karate is a Japanese martial art form which is originally found in Ryukyu Kingdom which was later annexed by the Ming dynasty of china. It is great martial arts for defense and it develops speed and agility, strength and confidence with its highly effective and speedy technique. It improves muscle tone and endurance and in general keep you fit and ready to face adversity on or off the street. Karate which is also called as Karate Do also develops your mental faculty and helps acquire a mind which is quite and well calculating.  It is a great self defense mechanism for women to thwart attempts of robbery, molestation and other ill conceived schemes.

Karate classes are conducted by qualified and experienced sensei or teachers or instructors. Karate schools or classes are open to all and you can enroll in one of them to learn the effective blows and kicks of karate.  A karate learning center can be a exclusive martial art training center or a fitness center where senseis are employed to impart training to willing members of the gym or fitness center in Dubai.

What are the benefits of learning Karate?

  • Karate improves overall strength and health of the body. It can improve agility, coordination of limbs and mind, balance and endurance.
  • It strengthens mind, clear your thought process and develop composure. It enables you to look deeper in to your mental capabilities and apply accordingly. It can increase your self confidence and rational approach to adverse elements.
  • It improves overall strength of the body, coordination, quick reflexes, and builds stamina
  • Karate is not all about breaking bones and smashing faces as a discipline will develop integrity, courtesy, humility, honor, justice and importantly self control
  • It increases your athletic abilities and enables you to combat negativities that come across in your daily routine in office or home front.

Find a karate learning center, gym or fitness center in Dubai and send your girls and boys to learn and practice karate. Learning a martial art and able to practice is in real life situation can be greatly moral boosting. Power 4 Fitness, Dubai is trusted karate learning center where you can enroll by calling the number +971 50 182 0898.