Boxing is one of the martial art that has been in vogue since ancient Greek civilization. This sport was later introduced to Olympic Games.   It was imparted to public for competitive sports, general physical conditioning and excel in art of war.  It is a martial art form which is now included in the physical fitness regime.  Punching bags are used to practice boxing and it is great way to gain strength and body conditioning.  It could become lethal martial if safety gears are not used during competition. If you are in UAE you can join Boxing training Dubai and harvest the benefits of boxing has to offer.

Now let us look at the benefits of boxing:

Boxing improve heart functions

This sport enables improving heart functions as it subjects learners to High Intensity Interval Training and with repeated training can push your body to intense bouts of activities. The exercise has been associated with reducing the chance of heart diseases. It can also improve your aerobic fitness.

Induce weight loss

Boxing is an intense exercise form which also helps in weight loss. Repeated boxing practices burn fat and enable people to condition muscles. The sport has been proved to reduce fat and improve the overall fitness of your body compared to intense or brisk walking activities. It has been proved that a person can burn 390-558 calories in a session of 60 minutes by a 6-kg weight person. Boxing is also one way of increasing activities than sitting with a gaming device in hands.

Boosts total body strength

People may think boxing as an exercise where hands, arms and shoulders are used. But throwing a punch at an opponent or punching bag involves total body. A good punch will require the involvement of lower limbs firmly pushing the ground and also coordinating the rest of the body. Hips and chest play major role in generating the power required in a punch. So you can consider punching as a whole body workout that an individualistic.

Great improvement in balance

Boxing is an activity intense sport and it requires well coordinated footwork, quick reactive moments according to changing environments.  This actually enables you to gain great balance of movements. A well trained boxer is always in position when counter attacking and it needs intense training over a sustained period of time at a gym or a trainer. For instance Parkinson disease which is related to body imbalance owing to neurological malfunctions can be improved and achieve body balance and avoid falling.

Decrease tension & anxiety

An intensely stressed individual can benefit from boxing as it diverts mind and prevent negative thinking. Boxing can improve blood circulation in the arteries and reduce the risk of reduced brain functions and heart functions.

Kickboxing classes in Dubai is another type of boxing which uses more than a pair of hands but involves rest of the body limbs such as legs, knees, feet etc. Bick boxing like Muay Thai is very popular martial art discipline which has become part of Mixed Martial Art fighting.  It is an intense sport where all your limbs, muscles and bones including your head is used in the fighting and it can be hugely beneficial for you as a defense regiment against negative elements. If you are not doing it as competitive sport you can learn kick boxing for self defense.

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